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It's been a crazy ride "coming out" as a Medium. I am a single mother, CPA and a professional consultant by day, so you can imagine, right? I'm not really the eclectic medium-type! I've known spirit was around since I was a small child. I was able to feel when my loved ones were ill or in danger, knew when they had been injured or passed, and felt them in spirit. A few years ago when my grandmother passed that I realized, hey, I'm definitely NOT making this stuff up! I was in Bikram Yoga and sat up and there she was. It was all I could do to keep from screaming! I knew then she had passed. I went out to my car and my phone was ringing. It was my dad. Before he said anything, I said "Nana passed about a half hour ago" and he said "yes, how did you know?!?" My best friend Fiona recommended I take a psychic development class (I didn't even know they had those). That's where I found Medium Celeste Woods. She has taught me how to understand my gift and how to use it to help others.

I truly enjoy helping others heal through connecting them with those "here in spirit." 



Cheryl Pillar






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