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SoulConX is a unique technology platform that connects individuals and organizations with trusted and talented holistic practitioners and programs to help you navigate life’s journey.

Together we help people discover, connect, and thrive.

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Helping you help them

SoulConX gives the trusted and talented holistic practitioners what they need to connect with clients and grow their business allowing them to focus on their passion – helping people.

Together, we help people discover, connect, and thrive!

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The journey just got easier

Life is a constant whirl of change. We help people like you regardless of where they are on their journey. Whether in person, online or over the phone, SoulConX connects you with the premier holistic practitioners and programs to empower mind, body and spirit.

Together we help people discover, connect, and thrive.

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Cheryl Pillar, Co-Founder

Cheryl is a successful Big 4 Client Relationship Executive. She builds relationships and ecosystem solutions to solve her clients toughest challenges. Cheryl designs breakthrough business strategies to help innovative small businesses grow.

Yet, by night, Cheryl is a psychic medium. So you can imagine, right? Not really the eclectic medium-type! Cheryl had “the shine” since she was a young child. Yet, it wasn’t until she was visited by her Nana in 2014 and her dad confirmed the visit happened the minute Nana died. In Excited to develop her skills, Cheryl did what anyone else would - she Googled. Yet, it was difficult to find holistic practitioners and courses that appeared professional and trustworthy. As she “came out” as a psychic medium, starting her own practice in 2014, she set up her business. Some activities were enjoyable and others not so much. Cheryl realized that her peers were going through the same challenges. Cheryl saw an opportunity to bring together her spiritual knowledge with her business acumen and curated SoulConX. 

Cheryl is the author of “Here in Spirit.” A left-handed Cancer, Cheryl is a self-proclaimed dancing queen, foodie, and uncool mom of Collin and Emma.

Cheryl can be reached at

Mercedes Kelley

Mercedes is a successful lawyer.  She represents clients in a variety of industries and her favorite work is when she is helping a company take better care of consumers by ensuring that they have all the information they need to make good decisions about where they spend their money.  She has worked with clients on internet, mobile, blockchain and artificial intelligence solutions for the marketplace and loves how technology can make the world work better.  

With all of those new ideas and electronic communications flying around her, Mercedes has to work hard to stay grounded.  And she has found that meditation and paying closer attention to the cycles of nature are keys to keeping things in perspective and managing stress, and that has opened up the whole world of holistic and metaphysical practices to her.  But, she has been very frustrated at being able to find trustworthy practitioners, who know their craft well, and has observed a lot of practices in the industry that are not as consumer-friendly as they should be.  

Talking this over with Cheryl one night (when some wine was probably involved), Mercedes recognized that she could bring good perspective and expertise to the table, to ensure that SoulConX clients have good experiences and that practitioners manage their businesses in ways that embody best practices in terms of consumer protection.

Mercedes is a Libra with a Gemini Moon and Leo Rising and before becoming a lawyer, she trained for and performed on the opera stage.  She has two boys, two cats (Melody and Harmony) and is presently running after a golden retriever puppy.


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