The reading I received from Cheryl was life changing.  I went in wanting to connect with Jesus, but feeling sheepish about making that request since I didn't feel worthy.  I had grown up Catholic, but haven't formally practiced for most of my life and have felt disconnected from Jesus.  For some reason, I really wanted to see what it would feel like to feel connected to Jesus.  To my surprise, Jesus actually came.  His presence was so powerful and beautiful that both Cheryl and I began to cry.  I felt so special, loved, and cherished in his presence.  Mother Mary also came through and said inspiring and accurate things about my children.  For example, she said that artwork can help my daughter work through her emotional sensitivities.  Although Cheryl didn't know this, my daughter is a gifted artist and I have noticed in the past that art helps to keep her balanced emotionally.  There were other moments like this where I was able to validate what Cheryl was telling me with experiences I had previously.  There is no way Cheryl could not have known any of this.  I will definitely go back!  

Maryland Client

September 2018

I want to take a moment and thank you for the service that you have provided! I left your beautiful home with such a peace in mind and I couldn't wait to call my mother and pass on what my father has mentioned!


It was such a nice feeling I felt and it is such a blessing that you have such powers! Thank you again for sharing your gift with us!


August 2018

I just wanted to say thank you for time time earlier today...the things you communicated about my grandpa were spot on and provided comfort. I wanted to validate one thing in particular. I’m not sure if you recall, but that last thing he communicated was the importance of some sort of letter. After speaking with my family, I found out he had written my sister and I letters shortly after we were born in the event that he passed before getting to know us. This is something I never knew about and while I haven’t read my letter yet I know this is what he had to be talking about. Thank you again, I would definitely like to come back in the future. 

Amy K

Fredericksburg, VA

If my first thing to say is if you have any doubts that she is not a 'real deal', I promise you she is. During my reading, Cheryl mentioned something that only 3 people in this world knew besides my father who passed away. She described a ring perfectly that my father wanted my son to have. I had NEVER seen the ring, but my mother had it in her jewelry box. It was a ring my grandmother made, so it wasn't your 'average looking ring'. You can bring a voice recorder and take note, I encourage that, because you will be so caught up in the moment you might forget things she mentioned, or if you don't recognize something she mentioned, play it for your family or friends, and they might know right now(just like my mom did with the ring). My experience with Cheryl was LIFE CHANGING!! It brought me so much peace and I could actually function in life again after the passing of my dad who died in my arms. Closure, peace, I am a big believer in Cheryl because she PROVED to me she was really a medium. Don't hesitate, don't over think it, just call and make an appointment with her, you won't regret it.

Kathy H

wow!!!  I have been looking for a medium for awhile and looked on yelp.  Cheryl was spot on and helped my departed mother and brother come through.  She gave me messages from both of them that no-one would know.  She is very enlightened and I believe we will have a long relationship.  I have referred her to friends and really look forward to going back.

Virginia M.

Oakton, VA

Out of this world fabulous!! Cheryl has a natural, God given talent!  She knew more than I ever could have imagined. The information she read gave me peace and happiness, super fast, too! I recommend her above and beyond because she truly changed my approach to life after her insights!!! Who wouldn't want to know the best way to proceed with an in-depth knowledge from loved ones who have gone before us?? Me‍If you have any questions or doubts she clarified all of the info! She said it before I even knew what to ask!! The location is convenient and has a wonderful energy to put even the biggest skeptics at ease. Best decision ever, what are you waiting for? Give Cheryl a call and schedule an appointment. I guarantee she will change your life for the better!! Cheryl is heaven sent!!

Elise K.

All I can say is WOW! I've never been to a medium and was slightly skeptical at first but upon meeting her and how she invited me into her family home I felt so at ease. I was hoping to reconnect with my dad who passed when I was very young and as soon as she described him and how he was coming in I was at a loss! She is a truly remarkable human being and I am so, so grateful for her and that she shared her very special gift with me. She is truly a god send. I can honestly say she has changed me life.

Washington, DC Client

One word to describe my reading with Cheryl,......AMAZING!!

Her reading was spot-on from my current situation with my husband, to my paternal grandmother, telling me to take the family recipe of Facebook! That's how well connected she is with the Spirit world. 

She also foretold something that was going to happen within the few weeks after our meeting; and it did.

If your looking for someone that's warm, kind and the "Real Deal" look no further. You will not be disappointed.



Thank you so much for your reading last night. Your energy must have been really good because I slept through the entire night (which I have not done in years) and I had a dream about my dog who passed away this summer.  I am sure it was her who came to visit me, felt so awesome.


Thanks for sharing your wonderful gift!  



Cheryl's gift is amazing, such a profound presence. She definitely is blessed and has the gift to connect with those that have passed on to the other side. She made me feel very comfortable as I went thru the process of connecting with my love ones. I was amazed with the accuracy of all information that was relayed to me.  Thanks so much again for helping me. You have no idea how our session comforted me and provided me with a totally new outlook on life. 



Thank you for the session on Saturday.  You were so incredibly patient during our session. Just from our meeting I have been able to smile when I think about my husband. So thank you.


I look forward to connecting in the future.



I had a wonderful experience with the reading yesterday. I was able to share the messages of other's love ones.

Thank you so much for the reading



I just wanted to say thank you so much for the reading I had with you Saturday morning although I was super nervous because this was something new to me and didn’t know what to expect, It was wonderful being able to hear from my grandmother and family friend of ours, you truly have a special gift and made me feel comfortable in your home...hopefully I could schedule to see you again maybe even bring my mom along too because i mentioned you to her and she was interested as well. All in all i just want to say thank you!! :) 



I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for sharing your amazing gift with me yesterday. It was such an enlightening experience and as I move forward on my journey I feel complete and empowered. 


You are a beacon light that uses your gift to bless others - and for that I pray that God continues to bless you. Also, I just wanted to let you know that you were spot on and confirm some of the things you mentioned with my mom. 



I had a great experience.  The messages were healing and helpful.  My husband heard from his grandfather that he should still go visit his father (who has dementia) and that his father is still aware of his presence.  He also heard from a loved one who died tragically at a  young age.  He seemed so much lighter afterward.  On my end, I heard from my Grandmother.  She told me she liked what I did to my kitchen wall.  It turns out, both I and my uncle (her son), have the same "family rules" portrait hanging in our kitchens.  I also got some confirmation that what I sense with my loved ones is real.  Cheryl told me that a loved one commented, "I was just talking to her in the kitchen."  And, it was true.  I was talking to my loved one in the kitchen just before I came for the appointment.  It made me feel comforted and less afraid of death.



Like a lot of people I approached my initial reading with Cheryl with a dose of healthy skepticism.  Within moments of being in her presence I was engulfed with an immediate sense of calm and  inner peace. 
Though my session with  Cheryl was initially scheduled for an hour, I did not want it to end. 
By the end of my session with Cheryl I was no longer a skeptic but a believer. 
Her spiritual gift is palpable!!!



I am so thankful for the messages that you brought forward to me yesterday.  It was amazing getting to hear that my mother is okay and that the guilt that I have been feeling was self-induced and not something that she was even aware of.  It amazed me the accuracy of your description of her - it was spot on, even down to her waving a wooden spoon about my fridge and her not understanding why on earth I would have an espresso maker!  Thank you for that!  


But, there is something much greater that you were able to provide for me and I didn't even know that was the message I was suppose to hear.  When you tapped into my higher self to inquire about my purpose, I think you tapped into more than you realize.  When I saw your tears, I truly felt them because they were the tears that have fallen from my eyes daily for at least the past 6 weeks.  I have really been struggling with making the choice to continue on this earth, or move on.  I admit that I am super critical of myself and will convince myself that is how the world sees me.  I was struggling with feeling alone, inadequate and not someone that really had a spiritual gift or purpose.  Your message reached me.... I heard it and I felt it.  I do have a purpose - not just my son (which of course, made me proud), but to continue to be a good friend/person and know that even though I think it might be small, it's big to some people.  You gave me the gift of hope and I am so thankful for that.  I do have hope now that with the suggestions and guidance that the spirit guides gave, I will find the peace that I am looking for and that I actually do make a difference in this world.  Knowing that my hero, my mom, is still with me and I just need to learn to feel her and trust in my own gut - I am pushing those secretly dark thoughts away!  I am going to start tooting my own horn, asking for what I want instead of being frightful it will make the person not like me, and keeping a journal where I focus only on positives (my journal now is so negative).

I just wanted you to know that I am thankful for you!  I felt so compelled to pay you a visit and I am so glad I followed those directions!!

On a side note..... I want to validate you in that, the woman that came through at the very end and said her name was Sarah and she was older and looking over the family - I looked into it and my grandmothers mothers name was Sarah.  


Sorry for the long message, but I wanted you to know what a blessing you and your gift were to me - truly inspirational and life saving!


Washington, DC

January 2017 - I wanted to send you a personal note just to say Thank You! You have such a special gift and I truly appreciate you sharing it with me. I woke up the next day in total peace and talked my moms ear off!  So again Thank you! May God continue to bless you just as you have blessed me.


Arlington, VA

November 2016 - I enjoyed meeting you. Clearly you have a great gift. There wasn’t 1 thing that I couldn’t figure out. I was shocked about my stepmother’s mother showing up. But that may have been the most healing part of the session. Also glad I got to ask my dad some questions. I also figured out what my dad meant at the very end when he said he knew he was loved but not sure he was likable. That was a message meant directly for me taken from a conversation we had at the beginning of my dad’s demise that literally opened the door to all the other discussions we had before he died. Overall, the session brought me closure and peace.


Northern VA

October 2016 - I wanted to email you and thank you for your gift. My boyfriend was satisfied with his reading although he had to do research (he's enjoying it though) and I'm overly satisfied with my reading. Ever since I've left your home I've felt a peaceful feeling and as weird as it might sound I feel like there's like an orb of positive energy around me. Thank you so much for all that you do. 



August 2016 - Thank you again for your gifts of profound and validating insights. It is a pleasure to know you!


Northern Virginia

August 2016 - I had an amazing reading with Cheryl and have already sent the URL of her website to two of my friends to make appointments. She was very caring and had a great peace about her, which made me very comfortable. Below are a few specifics that blew my mind. The most significant part of the reading is that she didn’t ask questions to lead me into giving information, she only wanted yes or no answers. In fact, when I asked her if I should explain what something meant, she did not want me to.  

First, my friend Brian came through, who was a good friend from junior high school through college. We’d communicated sporadically over the years until his passing, but I was always very fond of him. Cheryl had mentioned a man coming through with his arm around me, signaling we were friends. She said he passed away too early, at a young age, around 30. Brian passed away in the World Trade Center attacks, at the age of 29. She said he had difficulty breathing/couldn’t breathe when he died – the plane hit his building a few floors below, leading to an immediate fire. She said he showed her his nose as sort of wide/being wide – I used to tease him in junior high about how wide his nose was. He also said that I would probably say he had nice lips, which was hysterical b/c he was my first kiss. She’d also said we’d gone to college together, which we did.  

Additionally, I was hoping my friend’s father (who is deceased) would come through for her during my reading, so during meditation I thought about him. Later, Cheryl said a man was showing her his riding a bike, then his mowing a lawn with socks pulled up to his knees, pushing a red lawnmower. He also showed her his not wearing a helmet. I knew that her father had passed when he had a heart attack riding his bike, so I called her afterward and told her I thought it may be him, along with the other information. She was dumbfounded. She said she and her brother were always mortified of her father b.c he wore tube socks pulled all the way up and would mow their lawn (red lawn mower) in them, and that they were laughing about it this morning. They had also just received a picture of him when he was younger playing rugby with friends, and he was the only one without a helmet. 

There were significant and personal messages from my grandmother & mom that I choose not to share, but to say I was beyond blown away at the details and descriptions doesn’t do the reading justice. She clearly identified specific items that I would understand as their communicating. I feel much lighter and happier after hearing these messages and specifics. Thank you very much, Cheryl – for sharing your gift and all of this with me – thanks from my friend as well! 


Alexandria, VA

March 2016 - Thank you again for your time and the reading. The reading definitely validated that I need to trust myself more. Actually answered the questions I didn't even expect to get answered. You have great energy, great connection. Very cool. Ya this is new to me and I'm very appreciative of your knowledge and guidance. Awesome!


Woodbridge, VA

Feb 2016 I met with Cheryl in a small group meeting. My expectations were very low because I didn't know anyone who had seen Cheryl before. The second spirit that came forward in our reading was my son's best friend who was murdered in October. There were details of the murder only the family knew. Thank goodness we recordered our reading so I could play it for his family. He spoke about hidden things in his walls and ac vent in his room. Things he treasurered while he was alive. His family did find items in both. He talked about how he left this world quickly which was very comforting considering the brutal way he passed on. He spoke about his heart stopping which was exactly where he was stabbed that only the family knew. My son was also comforted knowing his friend was okay. We had many spirits that's stepped forward which gave is all validation with Cheryl's details that she was really in connect with them. I wish I could explain the comfort we all had after we left and am so thankful we had this extraordinary experience.


Fredricksburg, VA

FEB 2016 - I have to be completely honest. I was very nervous to meet Cheryl. My father recently passed away in my arms and since that moment my life has been a mess. I found it hard to even function during the day. I am a regelious person but I found myself doubting everything. I had been taught. I needed to know my father was okay. I stayed awake worrying. So I watched ALL the medium shows on tv trying to prepare for meeting Cheryl.  When my two friends and I had a private reading with Cheryl my father came forward. Up to the moment I arrived she had no idea who my friend who made the appointment was bringing. When we arrived at her house she made us feel completely comfortable and was completely normal. ( not a dramatic personality..completely down to earth woman) Cheryl said things that validated 100% she was talking with my father. She even said a couple things only a couple people knew about research would ever show these things again validating she is for real. I feel renewed in life. My father is happy and ok. I can move forward now. I was also lucky enough to hear from two other family members. Cheryl was dead on with the information she passed along to me and my friends. She is the real deal and she is amazing. She truly has a rare gift and I am so thankful I had the pleasure of meeting her!


Oakton, VA

Fall 2015 - "Cheryl helped me connect with my grandfather and mother. She gave me some wonderful information from them and relayed some questions that I always wondered about. I really felt like they were there with us! My view of life has changed for the better because of her reading and increasing evidence of life after this one. I am calmer, and have never slept better. I feel a peace I have never felt before. Cheryl’s manner is very warm and open. She is very down-to-earth. She is truly gifted….she is definitely the real deal!!! I totally recommend her to anyone wanting to connect to loved ones who have passed on from this physical world."

Jan 2016 - "I was un-decorating my Christmas tree last weekend, on a peaceful Saturday night when there was a sudden, overwhelming scent of sandalwood in my house. Even my daughter smelled it! It lasted about an hour, then it faded away.

During your reading, my mother said “when you smell sandalwood, that’s me!”

I am sure it was her!

Thank you for making me aware of it! My life has definitely changed for the better since your reading!

Now I “listen, trust, act” – just like my angels said to. I even find unbelievable parking spaces because of it! J

I just had to share this with you.

…and I still mention you to friends, so you may have some people coming your way."

Joli and Michael

North Carolina

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the reading you gave me and my fiance. I was absolutely delighted to hear from my grandmothers and especially from my dad. The information you gave me truly helped me to release some ideas I needed to release. A very wonderful shift has occurred for me since our reading. The information you gave to my fiance from his mother has helped him tremendously. And the information you gave me to give to my daughter has been transformative. She has been "lighter" ever since. It is amazing that three lives have been changed so profoundly just from the information  you gave us in a relatively short time, but that is how powerful your reading has been for us. You have a very special gift and we are forever grateful you shared it with us. Blessings to you!"

Rita & Tony M

Boston, MA

"Our group reading with Cheryl was a truly amazing experience. Cheryl connected with our loved ones and passed messages that were "spot on." Words cannot begin to describe how healing and comforting the experience was. Cheryl is truly gifted."

Debby D.

Northern VA

"I am a 'newbie' to spiritualism. I was lucky enough to meet Cheryl last year simply while hanging out at Reston Town Center and was immediately fascinated. She gave an impromtu reading to my friend and me. We had a wonderful connection and she invited us to a "Wine and Spirits" event at her home. When we attended, she sat down with me and told me some things about myself and my beloved brother who passed away suddenly in 2006 from a rare cancerous tumor. She looked at me and what she told me about myself was something I had hidden in my subconcious. She pointed out how it was affecting my life and things that were very important to me. I thought about it and realized it was true but couldn't really resolve it until it manifested again in my life. Then, I remembered what she said and realized that it was there - deep down - and would take more consistent work to overcome. It amazes me that she was able to pinpoint and describe my problem and its effect. Thanks to her clearly explaining what she saw in me, I am making progress and it is an inspiration to continue and persist in what I need to do. She hed a small item my brother had given me and performed and held it to 'feel him.' She said he wanted to say how much he liked someone. It took me awhile, but she kept cencouraging me to think of who that might be, continuing giving me thoughts such a "A", that finally triggered my connection. It was my neice, Erin's new husband, Aaron. At their wedding in 2011 our family spoke about our brother because he was very close to Erin. He was exceptionally supportive to her during her dating experiences. I toasted the couple and said that Aaron was of the same mold as my brother and how happy Eriin was and what a wonderful man she married. They gave their daughter this name in 2012. It was so meaningful to us to hear that he knows Aaron, afterall. Cheryl said that my brother loves riding in a small vehicle. My brother left a wonderful wife and two small children. The four of them used to ride around, day and night, in a golf cart visiting nearby family and friends. I used to ride with him too. I immediateky knew that was what she was talking about, and it gave me great comfort and I was amazed that she felt that from him! My time with Cheryl was life changing and an incredibily memorable experience!"

John B

Northern VA

"I am retired military and have experienced quite a few losses in my personal and professional life. Cheryl was able to connect with my parents and former service members who have passed. She provided healing messages which helped me understand they knew I did all I could for them in life and for their families in death."

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