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Cheryl Pillar

The DC Medium

Helping people heal and connect with those here in spirit


SoulConX offers spiritual, holistic, intuitive services to empower well-being. SoulConX fully-vets all practitioners and it's an honor to be accepted! (Ok, in this case it's also my company...)

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Psychic medium readings

Psychic Medium Readings, Events, and Appearances

Virtual or in person, Cheryl will help you get clarity on your life's journey and gain closure with your loved ones who are "here in spirit."

Here in Spirit

New book! Here in Spirit

Her new book Here In Spirit is a quick and powerful read that answers the 7 most commonly asked questions about what happens to our loved ones after they die.

gift certificate

Gift Certificates

Not sure what to get for your friends and family? Give them the gift of clarity and closure with a reading! Or gather (in person or virtually) your friends and family for a group reading! Starting at $25 there is an option for any budget!

My Journey

It's been a crazy ride "coming out" as a Medium. I am a single mother, CPA and a professional consultant by day, so you can imagine, right? I'm not really the eclectic medium-type! I've known spirit was around since I was a small child. I was able to feel when my loved ones were ill or in danger, knew when they had been injured or passed, and felt them in spirit. A few years ago when my grandmother passed that I realized, hey, I'm definitely NOT making this stuff up! I was in Bikram Yoga and sat up and there she was. It was all I could do to keep from screaming! I knew then she had passed. I went out to my car and my phone was ringing. It was my dad. Before he said anything, I said "Nana passed about a half hour ago" and he said "yes, how did you know?!?" My best friend Fiona recommended I take a psychic development class (I didn't even know they had those). I did and became certified as a Medium. I truly enjoy helping others heal through connecting them with those "here in spirit."


Out of this world fabulous!! Cheryl has a natural, God given talent!  She knew more than I ever could have imagined. The information she read gave me peace and happiness, super fast, too! I recommend her above and beyond because she truly changed my approach to life after her insights!!! Who wouldn't want to know the best way to proceed with an in-depth knowledge from loved ones who have gone before us?? MeIf you have any questions or doubts she clarified all of the info! She said it before I even knew what to ask!! The location is convenient and has a wonderful energy to put even the biggest skeptics at ease. Best decision ever, what are you waiting for? Give Cheryl a call and schedule an appointment. I guarantee she will change your life for the better!! Cheryl is heaven sent!!

Virginia M.


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The Story Behind Her Success!

In this episode, we connect with Cheryl Pillar...."Truth be told, I met Cheryl a few years ago at a meeting in Virginia and watched her in action.  She is the real deal and that story is in this interview."

The Story Behind Her Success

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