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Cheryl does two types of readings: she connects with your spirit guides to obtain insights on your life path + she receives messages from your loved ones who have died.  ​ Your spirit guides are your mentors, leading you toward a healthier, happier, and more fulfilling self. They offer a rational explanation for your ability to manifest your desires or the obstacles hindering your progress. Their guidance encompasses the intricacies of the "how," "why," and "why not," imparting step-by-step insights. When their counsel is followed, their predictions prove to be remarkably accurate. ​ Your loved ones are also excited to speak with you! Cheryl sees, hears, and feels your loved ones and offers evidence of their presence. She conveys messages that include shared memories, words of encouragement, and the reassurance that they are at peace, creating the connection that you so love and miss. ​ OF NOTE: PLEASE CONFIRM THE TIMEZONE IN YOUR CONFIRMATION EAMIL WHEN BOOKING AN APPOINTMENT.

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